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First posted on 22 January 2016.
Source: Symantec

Aliases :

There are no other names known for Linux.Mokes.

Explanation :

The Trojan requires GLIBC library version 2.14 or greater to be installed.

When The Trojan is executed, it copies itself to one of the following paths:
The Trojan may install itself in the following location so that it persists even after reboot:
$HOME/.config/autostart/[RANDOM NAME].desktop
The Trojan may connect to one of the following locations using ports 80 and 443:
The Trojan takes screenshots at regular intervals and saves them to the following location:
The Trojan may check the temporary folder and upload every file based on the following filters:
The Trojan may download and run an uninstaller from the following location:

Last update 22 January 2016