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First posted on 19 October 2010.
Source: SecurityHome

Aliases :

There are no other names known for Backdoor:WinCE/PhoneCreeper.A.

Explanation :

This program provides unauthorized remote access to a mobile device.

Additional DetailsBackdoor:WinCE/PhoneCreeper is a publicly available monitoring program designed to run on mobile phones using the Windows Mobile 5 to 6.5 operating system.

On installation, the targeted phone may be remotely directed via specific SMS text messages to perform a wide range of actions, all of which are hidden from the phone's user. These actions may or may not result in the user incurring higher phone charges.

A B variant of PhoneCreeper is also available that fixes some issues of the A variant.


PhoneCreeper can be installed by inserting an SD card containing the program's files into the target phone. On installation, the program does not appear on the installed programs or running programs lists.

This program is designed to silently reinstall itself even if the phone has been hard reset - if the infectious memory card is still present in the device.


Once installed, the phone can be can remotely controlled by sending it specific SMS text messages. The command messages are silently received; they are then immediately deleted and the command executed.

The commands enabled by the first version of this application are extensive and include:

  • View log of all outgoing calls
  • View log of SMS messages sent
  • View log of last 10 calls
  • Retrieve external IP of phone
  • Receive live SMS notification of SMS and call connections
  • Run a program
  • Get contacts
  • Wipe storage card
  • Change password

PhoneCreeper includes an option to allow the attacker to add their own default password and phone number in order to receive live updates.

Last update 19 October 2010