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First posted on 13 February 2020.
Source: Microsoft

Aliases :

There are no other names known for Backdoor:Win32/Mipakwin.A.

Explanation :

Installation Backdoor:Win32/Mipakwin.A copies itself to c:documents and settingsadministratorapplication dataservice.exe. Payload Changes Hosts file   Backdoor:Win32/Mipakwin.A changes the Windows Hosts file. Malware sometimes does this to redirect URLs to different IP addresses, often to stop you from accessing security-related websites.   Allows backdoor access and control   The malware gives a hacker access and control of your PC. They can then perform a number of different actions, including:
Downloading and running files Uploading files Spreading malware to other PCs Logging your keystrokes or stealing your sensitive data Modifying your system settings Running or stopping applications Deleting files
This malware description was produced and published using automated analysis of file SHA1 dccf4663ecc9c28f171ab9ae4ac23ed9f70ca184.

Last update 13 February 2020