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First posted on 29 March 2020.
Source: Microsoft

Aliases :

TrojanDownloader:ASX/Wimad.BF is also known as WMA/TrojanDownloader.GetCodec.Gen, ASF/Wimad!generic.

Explanation :

TrojanDownloader:ASX/Wimad is a detection for malicious Windows media files that are used in order to encourage users to download and execute arbitrary files on an affected machine. When opened with Windows Media Player, these malicious files open a particular URL in a web browser. Installation TrojanDownloader:ASX/Wimad.BF is a malicious Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) file, which when opened by Windows Media Player, urges a user to download and execute an arbitrary file.   In the wild, files detected as TrojanDownloader:ASX/Wimad.BF have been observed being distributed with file extensions such as .MP3 .ASF .WMA and .ASX. The file names used have been varied and enticing. At the time of writing Wimad.BF redirects affected users to yourgiftzone.com.   We strongly suggest that users avoid downloading and executing any files when prompted by Windows Media Player upon opening streaming format files.   Analysis by Oleg Petrovsky

Last update 29 March 2020