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First posted on 31 May 2020.
Source: SecurityHome

Aliases :

There are no other names known for OSX.Generic.Suspicious.

Explanation :

OS X.Generic.Suspicious is a family of adware downloaders that uses tactics similar to those already discussed to load a variety of PUPs and pure adware applications onto a victim's computer. In most cases, this adware uses a fake malware warning to convince the user that a piece of fake anti-malware software must be installed. Instead of protection, the victim installs a tangled rats nest of adware.

In the case of OS X.Generic.Suspicious, as with many other types of this software, the greatest expense comes in the time required to wipe it off of a victim's computer. These pieces of malware tend to scatter bits and pieces of themselves across the data storage landscape, modify startup parameters in multiple ways, and take advantage of the MacOS Unix-like history to install and protect themselves in ways that require a knowledgeable staff member launching a terminal window to clean.

Last update 31 May 2020