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First posted on 30 August 2006.
Source: SecurityHome

Aliases :

Yamanner.A is also known as JS.Yamanner@MM, JS/Yamanner@MM, Email-Worm.JS.Yamanner.a.

Explanation :

Yamanner is a JavaScript worm that targets Yahoo! web-based e-mail and groups.

The Yamanner worm activates by just opening an infected e-mail message with Internet Explorer. To do this it uses a 0-day vulnerability in the Yahoo! Mail system. Yamanner builds its e-mail messages and sends them to the infected user's contacts. The sent e-mails look as follows:

Subject: New Graphic Site
Body: Note: forwarded message attached.

The worm resides inside the e-mail body. It also tries to open a web page in another browser window.

Last update 30 August 2006