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Corsair Padlock Secure 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

By Corsair

Posted on 09 January 2011

Corsair's solution is pretty slick with hardware level access to the USB drive. Configuration is really easy - hold down the key button for 3 seconds, set your PIN, hit the key button again, verify your PIN and hit the key button again and that's it. The green light flashes and then you know you're able to insert the USB drive into your PC or Mac. If the light's not flashing, Windows and OS X won't recognize the drive. It literally is that simple and takes 30 seconds to do.

  • User customizable 4-10 digit personal identification number to lock and unlock

  • Built-in hacking detection locks device for 2 minutes after 5 failed attempts

  • Secure 256-bit hardware AES encryption

  • Durable rubber, shock-proof housing

  • 10 Year Warranty