Why can't I copy files larger then 4GB

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Why can't I copy files larger then 4GB

Post by mister_v »

I try to copy a file of 7GB to my external usb drive, but it fails every time.

After some test, I noticed that files below 4GB work without a problem.
But files larger then 4Gb fail.
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Re: Why can't I copy files larger then 4GB

Post by Chris »

This is probably because your usb-drive is formatted as FAT32.

Most usb-drives and external hard drives are formatted in FAT32,
so they are supported by most operating systems.

The max file size for FAT32 is 4GB (minus 1 byte).

I want to write bigger files you need to reformat it.
NTFS if you use windows,
or exFAT but isn't support by all windows versions.

for linux use ext3 or ext4.

Appel's Mac OS X has HFS Plus file system.

Some for DVD use UDF file system,
Iso9660 and Joliet file systems are limited to 4GB.

If you are going to use our drive between windows and linux machines.
I recommend NTFS.

Linux can read NTFS, but windows cant read ext3, or ext4.
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