command to compare cpu speed

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command to compare cpu speed

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Is there a way I can compare the cpu speed of my different PC's?
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Re: command to compare cpu speed

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There are some tools you can use to check your CPU

The /proc/cpuinfo file contains details about individual cpu cores:

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less /proc/cpuinfo
lscpu is a small and quick command that does not need any options. It would simply print the cpu hardware details in a user-friendly format.

The dmidecode command displays some information about the cpu, which includes the socket type, vendor name and various flags.

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sudo dmidecode -t 4
If you want to compare the calculation power :

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cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -ie mips -ie flops
It is not a real benchmark test
From wikipedia:
BogoMips (from "bogus" and MIPS) is an unscientific measurement of CPU speed made by the Linux kernel when it boots to calibrate an internal busy-loop.
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