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EEMA Securing Mobile Devices 2012

From Thursday, 05 July 2012 till Thursday, 05 July 2012
Location: Slough, United Kingdom

With employees increasingly using mobile devices and BYOD (bring your own device) ever more prevalent in the workplace, productivity can be increased but at a risk of introducing cyber security threats.

Most mobile devices are not protected with even the most basic firewall. Few have password protection on their phone. As a result, companies are risking losing sensitive data on a regular basis. The financial consequences of this can be severe so it is important to have a mobile management strategy in place to prevent loss of data and malicious attacks.

There are four basic areas to cover:

  • physical protection

  • content protection

  • device management

  • identity and access management

and solutions are now becoming available.

Join the debate at this one day workshop on 5 July to learn how to protect your business from this often overlooked but increasingly important threat

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Information Security Meeting 2012

From Friday, 06 July 2012 till Sunday, 08 July 2012
Location: Carcavelos, Portugal

Information Security has been one of the most increasing concerns worldwide. Everyday new attacks and counter attacks emerge, making it impossible for professionals to keep themselves up to date.

The J4M third edition intends to convene busy IT and Information Security Professionals with very little time to learn new technologies or just deepen their knowledge on IT security tools and techniques. With this in mind we gathered a group of hand picked internationally renowned professionals to share their expertise with all participants through training sessions and workshops.

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Black Hat USA 2012

From Saturday, 21 July 2012 till Thursday, 26 July 2012
Location: Caesares Palace, Las Vagas, United States

Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV | July 21 - 26
Training: July 21 - 24 | Briefings: July 25 - 26

The Black Hat Briefings remains the biggest and the most important technical security conference series in the world by remaining true to our core value: serving the information security community by delivering timely, actionable security information in a friendly, vendor-neutral environment.

The knowledge presented at Black Hat USA 2012 will offer you a look into what concerns the security research community today and in the future. This year's Las Vegas event will host over 50 training courses from top experts in the field, including Briefings tracks of the latest security research and two workshop tracks dedicated to practical application and demonstration of tools, techniques and open source applications to aid in securing your infrastructure.

This site is a portal intended to provide users with current, useful and relevant information resources regarding the upcoming Black Hat USA 2012 conference.

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BSidesLV 2012

From Wednesday, 25 July 2012 till Thursday, 26 July 2012
Location: The Artisan Boutique Hotel, Las Vegas, United States

BSidesLV 2012 will consist of three speaking tracks and one workshop track:

Track 1 - Breaking Ground : Bleeding edge discussions and hot button topics on up and coming issues and the "Next Big Thing". Be prepared to engage your audience and have them engage you. Presentations should be prepared with a "give and take" conversational approach, not a "this is how it is" speech mentality. Bring your "A" game!

Track 2 - Proving Ground: An arena for speakers new to the scene to
find their voice in a public setting. Speakers applying for this track are strongly encouraged to participate in the BSidesLV Mentorship Program and will be welcomed by the Board of Directors prior to acceptance. Please do not apply for this track if you have presented at a major conference before.

Track 3 - Underground: These will be off the record talks. Speakers and titles will only be announced at the conference or by the chosen speakers, themselves. Pseudonymity is encouraged and talks will not be recorded or streamed online. No press will be allowed entry and photography will not be tolerated. NDA's will be provided for the speakers who wish to request them from their audiences. This track will only be selected by the CFP committee and Board of Directors, it will not be put to public vote.

Track 4 - Training Ground: Half-day to two-day workshops or classes with a limit of 15 people per workshop. If you would like to offer a workshop for our participants, please submit your lesson plan for review, along with a synopsis suitable to put up for public vote.

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From Thursday, 26 July 2012 till Sunday, 29 July 2012
Location: Rio Hotel, Las Vegas, United States

DEFCON is one of the oldest continuous running hacker conventions around, and also one of the largest. DEFCON is a unique experience for each con-goer. If you google around you'll find dozens of write-ups that will give you an idea of what people have experienced at DEFCON. Trust write-ups more than media articles about the con. Some people play capture the flag 24x7, while many people never touch a computer at DEFCON. Some people see every speech they can, while others miss all speeches. Other activities include coffee wars, WI-FI shoot outs, robot contests, TCP/IP contests, movie marathons, scavenger hunts, sleep deprivation, lock picking, warez trading, drunken parties, spot the fed contest, charity dunk tanks, the Black and White Ball.

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