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The 7 Qualities of Highly Secure Software

Published: 29 May 2012

The 7 Qualities of Highly Secure Software provides a framework for designing, developing, and deploying hacker-resilient software. It uses engaging anecdotes and analogies-ranging from Aesop's fables, athletics, architecture, biology, nursery rhymes, and video games-to illustrate the qualities that are essential for the development of highly secure software.

Each chapter details one of the seven qualities that can make your software highly secure and less susceptible to hacker threats. Leveraging real-world experiences and examples, the book:

  • Explains complex security concepts in language that is easy to understand for professionals involved in management, software development, and operations

  • Specifies the qualities and skills that are essential for building secure software

  • Highlights the parallels between the habits of effective people and qualities in terms of software security

Pages: 160
ISBN: 1439814465
ISBN-13: 978-1439814468
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