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Hacking: Viruses and Malware, Hacking an Email Address and Facebook page, and more!

Published: 25 May 2015

Would you like to acquire an impressive online skill such as writing a VIRUS? Have you always wanted to understand how people get your information? Are you interested in increasing your personal security online or your hacking toolkit? If you can say yes to any one of these questions, then Computer Hacking is the book for you. In this book, you will learn several skills and techniques that you need to acquire in order to become a successful computer hacker. Hacking is a term that has been associated with negativity over the years. It has been mentioned when referring to a range of cyber crimes including identity theft, stealing of information and generally being disruptive. However, all this is actually a misconception and misunderstanding a misuse of the word hacking by people who have criminalized this skill. Hacking is actually more about acquiring and properly utilizing a programming skill. The intention of hacking is for the improvement of a situation, rather than of taking advantage of a situation. These books provide a holistic view of everything that is entailed in hacking, explaining both the negative side of hacking and the positive side. The details that are discussed in this book include how to acquire the right hacking skills, and how to then develop these skills over a period of time. These details are laid out in topic-specific chapters. The book begins by explaining the effects of hacking from a global perspective. Companies which have been negatively affected by computer hackers are mentioned, as well as the intentions of the hackers ascertained, and the overall long-term effects determined. Although most hackers have a negative intention, reviewing these hacking stories reveals that in some cases, the intentions are not negative, they are just reported in that way. Hacking is actually all about programming, and the understanding of proper programming in hacking is explained. This explanation is done in relation to the right platform for developing a program, and an understanding of what the program should do is also given. Anyone can learn how to hack into certain pages on the internet, but not everyone can do so in a way that is not destructive. Once one has an understanding of hacking, it will be possible to say how it can ethically be applied. This book will show you how hacking today can be done for the purposes of security and protection of data. By taking the time to understand how hacking works, people are able to better protect themselves from hackers and to ascertain when they have had their information hacked. Areas, where people are vulnerable, can be addressed and resolved, and the result could be an increase in overall online safety. This book will explain hacking in its positive light, so as to educate and help would be hackers make responsible decisions when it comes to using their hacking skills. So if you have been searching for reliable, legal and ethical information on how to become a hacker, then you are at the right place.

Pages: 72
ISBN: 1512317586
ISBN-13: 978-1512317589
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